The marketing director

Job Description

It must detect new market and product opportunities. He also studies the competition by relying on previously coordinated studies to gather information on the market (Mix marketing). The marketing director must also master the management of a team.

To be a marketing director, you have to have many qualities to carry out your missions. You have to demonstrate:

  • Rigor
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity of mind
  • Sens of listening and observation,
  • Anticipation and initiative
  • Sense of negotiation
  • Capacity to convince


The skills of a good marketing director are as follows:

He must of course have developed experience in as a product, group or project manager for 4 to 8 years. Fluency in English and computer skills is also required. A good marketing director has a spirit of synthesis and analysis, he can make decisions, manage and communicate with others.



To fill this position, you must have studied in the preparatory class or in the bac +2: Higher School of Business or Marketing (Special Marketing), Engineering School. You can also become one from a Bac +2: Bachelor Pro and Master Pro specialty marketing, advertising and / or communication (University). ESGC: Schools of Management and Commerce (Admission on competition level Bac +1)

Salaries and benefits

  • 4.000 to 6.000 € gross / month for a director of marketing junior
  • Between 11.000 and 13.000 € per month for a confirmed marketing director in a large company
  • The wages vary a lot according to several factors (training, type of company, turnover of the company, region, experience …)
  • A share of fixed salary and a share of variable salary

How to achieve it?

You need to accumulate functions and experience as a product manager, group leader and finally marketing manager. You can also have a university degree in marketing communication: Bachelor or Grandes Ecoles. ISEG is a good training, with its marketing-communication training. ESGCI also, but to a more international profile.

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