My 2017 playlist…

A year to remember

Let’s admit it, 2017 was weird. Everyone can agree that, on many fronts, 2017 wasn’t the best of years. Many scandals and tragedies fueled the news cycle. But the thing is, I had a good time. I don’t know about you, but 2017 was definitely good to me. I made some amazing friends, traveled places I never even dreamed of before, finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life (mostly)… So all around: pretty great. So now, when I look back at all the memories I made, I also have a long list of songs associated with each one of them.

twenty seventeen clock

The soundtrack to my 2017

January 1st, I moved houses. After that, I met some pretty great people and enjoyed the summer sun as much as I could. For the next 6 months, all I did was living the best life I could while studying abroad. That entailed a lot of traveling, days spent at the beach, nights spent dancing and sometimes some studying. The next 6 months were a bit tamer, as I went back to ‘real’ school. But it also means that I’ve settled down and had more times with my old friends and my family.

I could go on and on talking about the past 12 months. Instead, I’ll simply give you a list of my favorite songs of the year. Enjoy!

  1. So High – Six60
  2. Redbone – Childish Gambino
  3. Anna Sun – WALK THE MOON
  4. Call Me In the Afternoon – Half Moon Run
  5. Creatures (Acoustic) – Shannon Saunders
  6. Cream – Platinium Doug
  7. 1-800-273-8255 – Logic (feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid)
  8. Lemon World – Ocean Alley
  9. Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish
  10. What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes
  11. Garden – Dua Lipa
  12. Praying – Kesha
  13. Love Is My Religion (acoustic) – Ziggy Marley
  14. Lonely Summer – Raleigh Ritchie
  15. Jungle – Tash Sultana
  16. I Ain’t Got Time! – Tyler, The Creator
  17. Crime – Mayer Hawthorne (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  18. Sand & Lead – NEIKED (feat. Brolin)
  19. Resolution – Matt Corby
  20. Devil’s Whisper – Raury
  21. Pink Skies – LANY



BROCKHAMPTON is an American hip-hop collective formed in Texas in 2015. The group partially came about thanks to the internet, where most of the members met on a forum called KanyeToThe.


1 year, 3 albums.

In June 2016, the band released their first mixtape, ‘All-American Trash.’ In the past year alone, they also released two albums. The first, titled ‘Saturation’ was quickly followed by ‘Saturation II’. And when I say ‘quickly’, it’s because they were released within two months of each other. They respectively came out in June and August 2017. Their next album, ‘Saturation III’, is slated for release in December 2017.  And sadly for us, the collective has announced that it will be their final studio album.

A unique sound

The sound of the band, more so than even their lyrics, is what differentiates them from any other current artists. It is often described as cool and funky while still being polished. On this new album, they never fail to bring a touch of unexpected that makes them stand out from more mainstream hip-hop artists.

 My top 3 songs



Who is LANY?

LANY is an American alternative band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 2014. That year, Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest decided to create music together. They shortly released their first songs anonymously on the platform Soundcloud. They revealed their identity and the name of the band soon after the success of their song “ILYSM.”. The group offers a different sound, which is what makes them stand out. It is a mix of old-school pop song enthusiasm and the soulfulness of the ’90s R&B.  The band also adds a touch of uniqueness and modernity with the sound of synths.


My top 3 songs

  1. Pink Skies – kinda-EP (We can work it out you and I are meant to be together, this is how it’s supposed to feel I’m in love with how this feels)
  2. ILYSB – LANY (Ain’t never felt this way, can’t get enough so stay with me, it’s not like we got big plans, let’s drive around town holding hands)
  3. Super Far – LANY (Got me begging for affection, all you do is roll your eyes, broken down, I’ve had enough, if this is love I don’t want it)

You can go check them out on their website.


Matt Corby

Who is Matt Corby?

Matt Corby was first discovered at age 16 on Australian Idol, where he finished as runner-up. He later said that competing was for him a big mistake and that he regretted it. It was only in 2013, four years and two EPs later, that Matt’s career really took off. With his new song, “Resolution”, he charted on Australian top50 for the first time. After that, the Australian singer-songwriter got people to pay attention to his music, old and new. He also started to tour Europe and played in big festivals such as Glastonbury or Latitude.

My top 3 songs

  1. Resolution – Resolution-EP (It’s dangerous to speak and sigh, you might know what I’m trying to hide)
  2. Brother – Into the Flame-EP (Pull yourself out of this state dear, acknowledge you were a fake here, from there on you might just grow)
  3. Breathe – Made of Stone-EP (So far from the ocean’s thrall, I was homesick inside city walls)

Dua Lipa

In 2017, Dua Lipa went from being a relatively unknown artist to one the world’s biggest pop star. It’s with her song “New Rules” that the singer’s career really took off. To top of a successful album release, the singer also had three singles charting in the U.K. Top 15 at the same time.

Her music fits a safer ‘commercial’ pop song sound with lyrics reflective of her personality. Those two aspects combined, as well as many collaborations with respected artists, are what made her so popular.

artist dua lipa in concert

My top 3 songs

  1. New Rules – Dua Lipa (Talkin’ in my sleep at night, makin’ myself crazy)
  2. Garden – Dua Lipa (Used to think that this love was heaven sent, how did we get lost, can’t get back again. Tell me, is the light on the outside?)
  3. Thinking ’bout You – Dua Lipa (I’ve been sleeping later, I’ve been breathing stronger, I’ve been digging deeper but the memories won’t stop)





Who is Six60?

Picture this: 5 college roommates move into a house on a big party street, in one of New Zealand’s best student city. They go to class, they go to parties, and in their free time, they make music. This is, more or less, how the band Six60 came about. Just a bunch of young guys, living their lives and having fun doing it.

Soon enough, people around campus started taking notice of this up and coming local band. And this is how, in 2008, Six60 came about. (Well, this is the story I was told anyway)

Their new album, a new beginning?

In 2017, Six60 released a grand total of 6 new songs, all of which ranked in the New Zeland’s the top50. (“Don’t Give It Up”, “Rivers”, “Closer”, “Rolling Stone”, “Vibes” and “Up There”).  “Don’t Give It Up” even reach n°4 and went Platinum. Those songs are proof of how much the band has grown. Staying true to their roots, Six60 has kept the elements that made them successful while adding sounds and notes showing what they learned over the years.

six60 concert

My top 3 songs

  1. So High – Six60 (2015) (It’s been four days, three lives and one too many times since we last kissed the sky but this time, we’re going down, down, down, down…)
  2. Exhale – Six60 (2015) (I’m running after the world I’m breaking out of these chains I don’t get it, but I’m in it)
  3. Forever – Six60 (2011) (It’s the start of my demise everything I know and trust, but we shall rise)

Billie Eilish – A New Name In Music

Who is Billie Eilish?

Known as Billie Eilish, the 15-year-old singer is making a name for herself in the music world, with hit songs (“Ocean Eyes” & “Bellyache”) and a critically acclaimed first album (dont smile at me”).

Her career took off in 2016 after she released on SoundCloud her debut single, “Ocean Eyes”. The song quickly became a viral hit on the platform.

billie eilish

Billboard has called her “Pop’s Most Impressive 15-Year-Old.”

Billie has previously stated that she doesn’t believe her music fits into any genres of music. Nevertheless, she admits being heavily influenced by alternative music as well as hip-hop and rap music.

In one of her most successful song called “Bellyache”, Billie decided to play a character and sing from the point of view of a serial killer. Against all the odds, this choice makes for a calming escape, mixing somewhat disturbing lyrics with a strong hook, the enticing sound of an acoustic guitar and later on the steady beat of a drum.

New tour dates for a blooming star.

The fans of this young artist can rejoice. Billie Eilish has just announced her new tour dates for 2018. Her tour dates take place from mid-February to early July in European and American cities.

Bandsintown – The best app for music lovers.

Bandsintown – What is it?

Founded in 2007, Bandsintown is 10 years later the leading platform for music enthusiasts. Loved by many, the app (that stems from the website of the same name) has as of today close to 40 million users in more than 210 different countries. Artists use this platform as a way to communicate with their public and to stay connected to their fan base. Meanwhile, the fans use Bandsintown to catch up on their favourite bands and check concert dates in their cities by tracking their favoured artists and signing up for emails and notifications.

Why do you need it?

On the one hand, you have the website, which offers plenty of different kinds of content. You can find there the latest news on all your favourite artists as well as the new and upcoming ones. Bandsintown also offers a selection of reviews of live sets, the most recent albums to come out as well as articles and interviews with your favourite bands.


The primary utility of the app, however, is to track your favourite artists and the concerts taking place in your city. Based on your location and the music you have on your phone, the app makes suggestions as of to what events might interest you.

As well as helping you keep track of all the concerts you want to go to, the app lets you know what is going on around you so that you are never out of the loop.

If you are interested in knowing more about the platform and maybe discover new artists, I highly recommend you check out their website and if you are convinced, why not download the app.