Matt Corby

Who is Matt Corby?

Matt Corby was first discovered at age 16 on Australian Idol, where he finished as runner-up. He later said that competing was for him a big mistake and that he regretted it. It was only in 2013, four years and two EPs later, that Matt’s career really took off. With his new song, “Resolution”, he charted on Australian top50 for the first time. After that, the Australian singer-songwriter got people to pay attention to his music, old and new. He also started to tour Europe and played in big festivals such as Glastonbury or Latitude.

My top 3 songs

  1. Resolution – Resolution-EP (It’s dangerous to speak and sigh, you might know what I’m trying to hide)
  2. Brother – Into the Flame-EP (Pull yourself out of this state dear, acknowledge you were a fake here, from there on you might just grow)
  3. Breathe – Made of Stone-EP (So far from the ocean’s thrall, I was homesick inside city walls)

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