Who is LANY?

LANY is an American alternative band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 2014. That year, Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest decided to create music together. They shortly released their first songs anonymously on the platform Soundcloud. They revealed their identity and the name of the band soon after the success of their song “ILYSM.”. The group offers a different sound, which is what makes them stand out. It is a mix of old-school pop song enthusiasm and the soulfulness of the ’90s R&B.  The band also adds a touch of uniqueness and modernity with the sound of synths.


My top 3 songs

  1. Pink Skies – kinda-EP (We can work it out you and I are meant to be together, this is how it’s supposed to feel I’m in love with how this feels)
  2. ILYSB – LANY (Ain’t never felt this way, can’t get enough so stay with me, it’s not like we got big plans, let’s drive around town holding hands)
  3. Super Far – LANY (Got me begging for affection, all you do is roll your eyes, broken down, I’ve had enough, if this is love I don’t want it)

You can go check them out on their website.


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