Who is Six60?

Picture this: 5 college roommates move into a house on a big party street, in one of New Zealand’s best student city. They go to class, they go to parties, and in their free time, they make music. This is, more or less, how the band Six60 came about. Just a bunch of young guys, living their lives and having fun doing it.

Soon enough, people around campus started taking notice of this up and coming local band. And this is how, in 2008, Six60 came about. (Well, this is the story I was told anyway)

Their new album, a new beginning?

In 2017, Six60 released a grand total of 6 new songs, all of which ranked in the New Zeland’s the top50. (“Don’t Give It Up”, “Rivers”, “Closer”, “Rolling Stone”, “Vibes” and “Up There”).  “Don’t Give It Up” even reach n°4 and went Platinum. Those songs are proof of how much the band has grown. Staying true to their roots, Six60 has kept the elements that made them successful while adding sounds and notes showing what they learned over the years.

six60 concert

My top 3 songs

  1. So High – Six60 (2015) (It’s been four days, three lives and one too many times since we last kissed the sky but this time, we’re going down, down, down, down…)
  2. Exhale – Six60 (2015) (I’m running after the world I’m breaking out of these chains I don’t get it, but I’m in it)
  3. Forever – Six60 (2011) (It’s the start of my demise everything I know and trust, but we shall rise)

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