Studying Abroad

Should you study abroad?

Some of us are lucky enough to be offered the opportunity the go study abroad, but is it worth it?

Yes. That is the answer that you will get nine times out of ten. And did you check to see if the tenth person you asked has ever left the country? They probably haven’t.

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Studying abroad is much more than something you can (humbly) brag about to everyone you meet for the next 20 years (and trust me, you will). It was for me how I finally discovered who I really was, the good and the not so good parts. I also figured out my strengths and weaknesses and how to use them in my favor.

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Living abroad will inevitably make you face your biggest fears. Considering that almost everyone has the same ones, I’ll let you in on the secret, it is failure, loneliness, and disappointment (…and spiders). And you will probably be faced to some degree to one of the three. But in my experience, it is what makes studying abroad worth it.

It is when you push yourself that you find out that you can make it. You’ll find out that maybe it wasn’t so bad, because yes, you slept in a car last night, and you’ve lost your passport, but you also made some of your best memories, and you’ll never forget your house keys at McDonald’s ever again.

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