For You

I’ll pick up the moon, to give you a gift
I will decorate your universe, a myriad of stars
You would understand then, that you are my hero
With my blood, I’ll draw you a beautiful canvas.

I will try to approach the sun, for you
In order to bring you back the heat, forever
You would laugh, I’m sure of my exploits
In letters of fire, I will engrave all my love.

I will sow all the wind, hope and tenderness
Imagining my hands browsing, your face
I will breathe in my fingers, my delicacy
This moment will become the most beautiful sharing.

Woman to the tips of her nails and tease
I will finally opt for the hairstyle that will please you
That your loving gaze on me, lingers
For you, my beloved, my heart will beat.

Your call will resonate beyond distances
You are my beach, my horizon, my house
Come, in my life, you will be conniving
For us, I beg a few seasons.



1 366 thoughts on “For You”

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